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Help, does anyone know how to move NUTD server from one mac to another on OSX

First you need to make sure Now Server Manager is installed on the destination machine. Then get a copy of the server databases from the current server. The server database files reside in the following location:

/Library/Application Support/Now Software/Event Servers/'long alpha numeric folder name'
/Library/Application Support/Now Software/Contact Servers/'long alpha numeric folder name'

You want to create an archived/zipped copy of the .db file for each server, and then move that to the desktop of the 'new' server. Once there, unzip the moved files. Open Now Server Manager on the new server, unlock it, and go to File > Import > Event Server(or Contact Server) and pick the appropriate un-zipped file on the desktop. Once imported, make sure the servers are checked 'On' and in a running status. Note the IP address and port of both and quit Now Server Manager.

I suggest testing with new contact and calendar files before having users finalize the switch, and make sure they each make copies of their local files before connecting to the new servers. After verifying all is well, delete the now redundant unzipped files on the desktop of the server.
Don Norcross
Technical Support - Now Software Inc