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I'm getting the following error when starting up Now Contact after installing it on Vista. I'm using version 4.5.2. Did anyone also get this error? Is there a way to fix this issue?

"Can't open Now Contact because a preference file could not be created."

The program runs without issues on XP, but I need to run this on Vista.

Also, I'm not able to create a new account on the website. I'm using this forum because I can't contact support.


It sounds like the existing prefs file is corrupted and needs refreshed. Try the following:

Issues of this nature in Now Contact are often caused by problems in the Now Contact preference files. Try refreshing the files by doing the following:<P>

For Windows XP
1) Make sure you know where your primary contact file is located, as you will need to re-select it after refreshing the prefs.

2) Quit Now Up-to-Date and Now Contact.

3) Go To:
C:\Documents and Settings\{your login name}\Application Data\Now Software

[NOTE: The Application Data folder is hidden. If you can't see it please go into Folder Options in the control panel and set it to show all hidden files.]

4) There you'll find folders named Now Up-to-Date Prefs, Now Contact Prefs, and Nudcw. Delete the Now Contact Prefs folder.

5) Now, Double Click on your original contact file and make it primary. Then link the contact and calendar files together again through Preferences.

The path will be slightly different for Vista, but the Now Contact Prefs folder is what you want to delete.
Don Norcross
Technical Support - Now Software Inc