NUDC 5.3.1, Leopard, Treo.

I have a client that synced her treo with her Now software, and all calendar events duplicated (Yes, am going to overwrite the Treo's entries with the Now entries (overwrite handheld), have read everyone else's issue with this...)

However, this person has hundreds of entries and do not want to go in an delete them manually. It created them all in her Personal category instead of her company's category, and just want to get rid of the duplicates easily.

So I go up to "Edit" and then "Find Duplicates" and have only "Title" as the criteria. I select to "Keep Old" because the new duplicate entries were put it into a "Personal" category instead of the "client company's" category from the sync issues. However, even though I'm staring at these entries that have the exact same title, it comes back saying that "0 duplicates were found".

How is that possible? Am I missing something obvious?

Thank you very much for any help with this. I just want to get rid of the newly created duplicates and then perform a sync that has all of the Now entries overwriting (not synching) the Treo.

Thanks again.