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hello, i get duplicate entries when i ever use a category that is not the default. so say i create a new 'all day', i type in the title, select the category, and tab back to the title and hit enter. as soon as i do anything else in the calendar, a duplicate entry pops up.

if i try to edit one of them, it gives me an error message and the program crashes. if i select one of them and hit 'delete' i get the menu to select 'one' 'all' etc. if i select 'all' (and i made this a repeating event) they all go (even the duplicates). so you can see how frustrating this is.

i've started all over with a new calendar file (in case the old one was corrupted), but it still happens. i've been living with this for some time, waiting for nighthawk's arrival (i've prepaid), but since that is going to take some more time, perhaps a fix now would be better. appreciate any help you can provide.

i've tried to open a ticket on the support pages, but i just get a big honking error message (i'm using the latest version of safari). otherwise i would not have started here. here is the error message;

For the Now Up-to-Date issue, I would suggest refreshing the Now Up-to-Date program prefs and optimizing the local file, as follows:

1. Make sure you know where your primary calendar file is stored on your hard drive. You'll need to know where it is to set it as your primary file again at the end of this process.
2. Quit Now Up-to-Date (if it is running).
3. Open a new Finder window and select Home from the Go menu.
4. Once in your Home folder, go to: /Library/Preferences/
5. Find the files named com.nowsoftware.nowuptodate.plist and com.poweronsoftware.nowuptodate.plist and move them to the desktop.
6. Find the folder named Now Up-to-Date Prefs and move it to the desktop as well.
7. Launch Now Up-to-Date, open the File menu, select Open, make sure there is a checkmark next to the option "Make this my primary file," locate your Now Up-to-Date calendar file, highlight it and click Open.
8. Open the File menu, select Save As...Save the file as the same name and location as the original. Click Yes to replace the original. This step should be taken periodically to optimize the file.
9. Trash the items moved to the desktop in steps 5 and 6.

The 'poweronsoftware' file may not exist on your system. It is from an earlier version of Now Up-to-Date.

The ticket system problem I have forwarded to our folks handling that system.
Don Norcross
Technical Support - Now Software Inc