HELP.... First, I must admit that I am technologically challenged Embarassed and have never used a Mac before and have always come from the world of Windows! Rolling Eyes I have just joined a company that uses Mac and to make my life even more confusing use NUTD 5. To top things off they also use Palm PDA phones. The phone they have given me is without doubt the worst phone I have ever used and want to go back to my Nokia E65. Confused I need to know if and how I can sync my contacts and most importantly my calander from NUTD to my phone? Please??? If there is an alternative phone system I will investigate changing my phone to that Sad but my preference is to use my Nokia E65 as it is small, does everything I need and works for me!. Nokia has a program to sync between Entourage and the phone via iSync but I cant get this to sync to NUTD.
Any suggestions, alternate software? Need your help Desperately!!!!! Idea