We've recently migrate our Now server 4.x to the latest 5.3.2 Now server on a G4 running 10.4.11 .
Migration (import) for both the Public Contact & Public Event servers caused no troubles, but
every time the server is rebooting (for whatever reason), the Event Server does not load properly.

The status window is reporting the "Public Event Server" as "Stopped" , "never backup".
If one tries to activate it, the status turns to "Down "

The Configure/Utilities tab is reporting the following location error :
Location : Can't find directory. Error is -109.

No Resources are shown for the Event Server.

The only way to solve the issue is to keep a copy of the Public Event Server db, delete the Public Event Server
then reboot the server. At the finder level, one must trash the previous Event Server placed in the "Deleted Servers" folder in the Now specific folder within the "Application support" folder.

After relaunching the Now server application, one imports the Event Server from the above-mentioned db file
and redefines the correct location in the Configure/Utilities tab.

The disk has been checked by Disk Warrior and permissions repaired by Disk Utility without any change ...

Strangely enough, the Public Contact server is loading perfectly at each boot
and is not affected by the problem...

Here follows an excerpt from the Event Server log :

Fri Jun 27 10:34:44 2008 Connections Flushed
Fri Jun 27 11:12:18 2008 General Aborting HTML dump
Fri Jun 27 11:12:18 2008 General Error StopServer:DoDBSync 0
Fri Jun 27 11:12:18 2008 General Error StopServer:FSClose 0
Fri Jun 27 11:12:18 2008 Server Stopped
Fri Jun 27 11:59:14 2008 Server Started
Fri Jun 27 11:59:22 2008 General Checking for database to import -43, "/Library/Application Support/Now Software/Event Servers/26FF619F-63FD-48DD-8C64-50AC3AE2231C/Public Event Server"
Fri Jun 27 11:59:23 2008 General Binding to network interface "en0" (").
Fri Jun 27 11:59:28 2008 Connections Flushed
Fri Jun 27 12:04:36 2008 New Connection
Fri Jun 27 12:59:28 2008 Connections Flushed

We would appreciate any help to fix this (annoying) problem.

Lejeune Joseph
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Ltd - Brussels Branch
Avenue Hippocrate 74 - UCL 7459 B-1200 Brussels Belgium

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