In Mac OS 10.5.2 Now Up To Date crashes on launch. This is running on a single processor G5 with 4GB RAM.

In NUTD 4.5.2 the error that shows up in the console :
6/10/08 4:53:59 PM[1031] ([0x0-0x64064].com.poweronsoftware.nowuptodate[2195]) Exited abnormally: Bus error

I tried upgrading to the trial version of 5 and it still crashes, but the message in the console is :
6/10/08 4:54:56 PM [0x0-0x66066].com.nowsoftware.nowuptodate[2215] terminate called after throwing an instance of 'long'
6/10/08 4:55:04 PM[1031] ([0x0-0x66066].com.nowsoftware.nowuptodate[2215]) Exited abnormally: Abort trap

Any thoughts?