We run a mixed network of Macs running OSX.2,3,4 and PCs running Windows XP, NT, 2000 and even 98. Pity me!
We have a large Contact database on our server (PC running XP Pro SP2). It was running fine until two days ago, when all the PCs started crashing while operating on it. I tried deleting prefs files, and we could open Contact but as soon as we made the smallest edits, they would crash, with unhandled exception e.g. c0000005 at address 004476ac.
The Macs are fine.
I tried restarting the servers using Server Manager, no change.
We have no local install CDs, since they were online purchases made a while back and the person who made the purchases has left. His old email address is no longer active.
The staff here want to move to a new system before we lose the lot - I feel we can fix it with the help of this forum and perhaps the administrators. One staff member emailed for help a couple of weeks ago but heard nothing back.