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I have installed the software on two WindowsXP machines that are on a network. They both need to use the same database. I shared the database on the server but, both users cannot access the database at the same time. It is important that they share the same database and any updates are seen from both users when changes are made from either one. Any help will be much appreciated.

It sounds like, that rather than sharing data through a Now Contact Server or Now Up-to-Date Server in Now Server Manager, you are trying to share a local data file. A data file, like many document types can only be opened by one user at a time. On one of the machines, or a separate server, set up Now Server Manager and create the server(s) for data to be shared through. Then you can connect the local files, from the local clients, to the sergver databases to share data. There is information in the user guide that should help in setting this up.

You can download a free, PDF version of the user's guide for version 4 of Now Up-To-Date and Contact from:<P>

Don Norcross
Technical Support - Now Software Inc