A client of mine is experiencing several crashes per day using Now UTD and Leopard. He has tried 5.3.1, the various 5.3.2 betas and the final version of 5.3.2 but his problem has persisted. Here's how he has described the problem (note that the "sw alias" file he refers to is the calendar data file:

It takes me 2 times to open either the program either via the icon or my sw alias.
First time, nothing happens. I have to force quit (it says Ďnot responding) and when I force quit, it
Comes up with the report to apple.
Next time either open just fine.
But during the course of the day, this may happen 2 or 3 times depending if Iíve quit out or not or itís crashed on its own.

He also sent me the bug report for Apple. I'm not pasting it here because it is very, very long. I can provide it, however, if it will helpful.

Any ideas or assistance is greatly appreciated.