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I have a calendar which is successfully being served out of NUD Server (5.3.2) but it doesn't show up in the manger window that lists calendars! I have rebooted and the same thing. The only thing showing up is a default 'Public Event Server' that is not running. I know the calendar is running because clients can attach to it and successfully download and update the main calendar. Any ideas about how I can get the calendar to show up?

Quit Now Server Manager, and open Activity Monitor(Applications > Utilities). Set Activity Monitor to display 'All Processes' and look for instances of 'eventserver' . Force quit any instances of 'eventserver' abd then restart the computer. Making sure that Now Server Manager is not set to open from LoginItems.

Once the system is back up, open Now Server Manager and check the servers and their status'.
Don Norcross
Technical Support - Now Software Inc