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I'm traveling and brought my nudc files to the laptop... last time (my first time) the "reentry" went a little rough and am looking for best procedure to bring files back (including sync to palm). Here is what I have learned:
1. Of course keep nudc file names the same
2. When trip is done replace home desktop files with trip counterparts (I have backup of originals)
3. I think last time I had to open file in file finder and remake as primary??
4. I did have some troubles with calendar keeping asking me if I want to make this primary.. but finally it went away
5. I think the main concern is my first backup to palm (via missing sync) ended up duplicating my calendar events... so next time I plan to have nudc overwrite palm... i didn't add anything important to palm.
Am I missing anything? Any suggestions? Is there any reasons I would lose links between calendar and contacts?

Overall, a decent procedure. The problem with the links will be that the path between the local contact and calendar files changes with each move. With 'NightHawk' you will be able to install on both and either share through a server, or just have the one file to move.

After moving/replacing files definitely set the Now Up-to-Date and Now Contact Palm conduits to 'overwrite handheld' for the next sync. Otherwise you run a serious risk of wide scale duplication of contacts and/or events.
Don Norcross
Technical Support - Now Software Inc