I'm traveling and brought my nudc files to the laptop... last time (my first time) the "reentry" went a little rough and am looking for best procedure to bring files back (including sync to palm). Here is what I have learned:
1. Of course keep nudc file names the same
2. When trip is done replace home desktop files with trip counterparts (I have backup of originals)
3. I think last time I had to open file in file finder and remake as primary??
4. I did have some troubles with calendar keeping asking me if I want to make this primary.. but finally it went away
5. I think the main concern is my first backup to palm (via missing sync) ended up duplicating my calendar events... so next time I plan to have nudc overwrite palm... i didn't add anything important to palm.
Am I missing anything? Any suggestions? Is there any reasons I would lose links between calendar and contacts?