I am trying to import a text-exported calendar file from NUTD 3.6.5 on OS 9.2 into 5.3.1 on Leopard (I know, but Now's site seems to be down and I can't download 5.3.2 beta). I am doing the text-based import because the straight conversion did not work with either Contact or Up to Date. I successfully exported my contacts and reimported them into the new version on the new Mac, but after exporting the calendar, when I tried to IMPORT into NUTD, the file was grayed out and I could not select it. It IS a text file, and I exported it with the calendar template that NUTD defaulted to. Is it expecting a specific extension or file type? The file looks fine if I look at it directly as text. On a PC I would select "show all files" and it would not filter the choices, but there is no such option on the Mac. I can't search the Now site as it is down, so any help would be appreciated!