I have a client who uses the Calendar portion of Now and he was unable to get his NOW to print less than 10 of anything?

I had the customer change the number from 10 to 1 but NOW just kept printing 10 Days, 10 Weeks or 10 Months. I called Tech Support this AM but have heard nothing back in 6 hours.

How I fixed it was set the number of units to be printed to 1 and Quit NOW. Restart NOW and go to Print and change the number from 10 back to 1 again and this time while the print window was open I restarted the Macintosh and low and behold we can now print 1 of anything???? Very Happy

The problem Mac is a dual quad core 2.8GHz running 10.5.2 and NOW 5.3.2b4. No server apps on this Mac at all.