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I just bought an iMac and am transferring applications and files from my G4. I have yet to transfer NUDC. Since the iMac runs Leopard, what steps do I take? Do I need to somehow transfer the older version of NUDC then download an upgrade? Will my current version (5.3.1) continue to work on Leopard if I decide to wait a while to download a fully compatible new version? At the moment my desk is cluttered with two computers and two keyboards, mainly because I can only use NUDC on the old machine. Help in resolving this would be much appreciated.


For use under Leopard, I would suggest the 5.3.2b4 version available through our Leopard information. Here is a link to our Leopard information:


As for moving your data, in Now Up-to-Date do a File > Save As and save a copy of your calendar file to the desktop. Archive/zip the file, move it to the new computer, place it in the Documents folder, un-zip the file and open it with Now Up-to-Date.

For Now Contact, go to File > Save a Copy and then repeat the above procedure and open the moved file with Now Contact.
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Technical Support - Now Software Inc