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Current situation. I have two mac minis running OS 10.4.11 and NUD/Contact 5.3.1 with a Public event server on what I will call Mac2. Mac1 until a month ago ran NUD/Contact and when an appointment was opened, the bar with contact information would allow full contact window to be opened. The summary contact window says that Contact file is unknown. Preferences for the NUD shows the correct contact file. I went to a contact and repaired link in bar and calendar still would not show link. I have created new calendar and contact file and linked prior to connecting to server. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

You have probably already done this, but make sure the preference settings in both Now Up-to-Date and Now Contact are pointing to the proper primary files. If one is pointing to a similarly named, but incorrect file, it could be causing the issue.

Another possibility, copy the contact and calendar files from Mac2 to Mac 1 and open them as the primary files.
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