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Ok here's the deal. I am fairly confident that Now version 4.5.2 (windows) was not designed to run on vista, however, I recently upgraded computers at the office and they use windows vista business edition. I haven't seen any posts relating to vista and now, or if it is even possible. The problem I am running into is that the now server services says that it is not active, thus I can't run a server. When i scroll through the process list I see the server listed as active and running. Does anyone know anything about running now version 4.5.2 on vista business? Also, where they icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen (for the server), it is not there. I have also switched compatibility modes in everything I could think of to windows 2000, xp, etc hoping to get it to kick over with no luck. Any suggestions? The problem is I do not have time to wait for NightHawk to come out so if there is no solution I will unfortunately be looking for alternatives. Thanks.

Adding Info:
I also attempted to install Now up to date with client/server on my vista laptop with home edition and again the same error message. The exact error message is "The now service server is not running. It may have been marked for deletion. Please reboot your computer and reinstall the now server manager."

I am wondering what my options are really more than anything as I really would prefer to avoid switching from now to something else because it has been used at the office for around 5 years (I think i could be wrong). Maybe I could emulate mac os on vista and run now server from that? I really do not want to have them switch over to another program.Sad

Now Server Manager will not run properly under Windows Vista, though the clients(Now Up-to-Date and Now Contact) will run. If it is feasible, you would need to leave one system on XP to run Now Server Manager.
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