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I upgraded to a new Mac and let "Apple" copy all files over. After it was finished it said to reinstall Now Up-to-Date (b3). I did. It runs fine (except for no 24-hour display). However, it could not find the server. I launched the server program and it is there and active. The only way to get NUD to recognize a server was to "+" add a new server--it has the exact same name and is accessible via Bonjour. So I don't have to go through the tedious process of setting up the new server, I'd much prefer to get the old one to work.

How can I edit the IP address in the old server, or get it to recognize that it is a Bonjour server and the IP is dynamic? Or is there an easy way to get the new server to just read the existing data?


I believe you are asking about editing the server connection in Now Up-to-Date. A server connection can not be changed from IP to Bonjour. You may need to create a new server connection and subscribe to the public categories through it. If the current server connection is an IP connection, make sure the IP address of the server matches that in the old connection. If not, double-click the old server connection and update the address.

If you go with a new server connection, delete the old server connection after you connect to the server, subscribe to the public categories, and verify the data. I suggest making an extra backup(File > Save As) before making any changes.
Don Norcross
Technical Support - Now Software Inc