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I am a Mac user. I have used a Treo 650 with VerizonWirelss for almost 2 years. Several times I have had my address book on my computer messed up after syncing even if I made sure that the phone could not sync to the computer and only the computer could sync to the phone. Now I want a small phone. Therefore I am wanting a separate Palm Pilot.

Can anybody recommend a separate Palm Pilot (one without a phone) that works very well with Now Software? One that can take as many categories as you might make in Now-Contact?

Which Palm Pilot will you recommend?

A large part of your problem may well be the number of categories. Even after adding in category support to the calendar, Palm still has a 15 category limit. In some references I have seen it listed as '15 + Unfiled', but I tend to see issues any time 15 total is exceeded. Adding category support to the calendar has made it important to have some categories in both Now Up-to-Date and Now Contact share the same name. That stretches the 15 a bit further.
Don Norcross
Technical Support - Now Software Inc