Thanks for your answer. You are right. I did sometimes end up with one or more contacts getting duplicated. Though I would then easily delete the duplicated contacts.

The worst, though, is my category list. I just counted them up. I have 37 categories. They keep on getting "reorganized" when I download my information into the Treo phone. I have at least 4 times gone to my Now Contact list and rearranged them back to what I want them to be just to find that they have been rearranged again or some have gone missing. For example, I keep on getting 4 "personal" categories even if I keep on going in, finding the contacts, change them back to what I want to call them and eliminate all the 4 "personal" categories. The next thing I know is that I again have 4 "personal" categories: 2 contacts in two of them, 3 in another and 6 in the last or something like that ( I do not use the "personal" categories myself at all. I have eliminated all "personal" categories 4 times). Then all my "families" might suddenly be called "Attorneys" or "Airlines". Then my "airline" category might go missing and only two airlines has been redefined as "personal" - and getting 4 "personal" categories again. My business category has duplicated in the in the list, but there a 0 contacts in the two business categories and some of my business contacts are now in a "personal" category. I might have lost some of my businesses - who knows what I might loose. And so on, and so on. Sad Evil or Very Mad Smile

Also, If I change a phone number of a contact, the change will not get downloaded. I will need to change the name (I put an "a" in front of the name for example) download to the phone again, then go in and take off the "a" and download one more time. Then I finally have changed the phone number of that contact. So I am giving up.

Now I have gone out and bought myself a very small phone that I love. And now I would rather drag around with two devises IF I can find a devise that will be able to take my 37 categories and not rearrange them or do anything else foolish to my contact list and/or my calender.

From what you are saying, it sounds like there will be something coming out that is an improvement to "Palm Pilots" sometime later this year.