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is there a way to map fields accurately between my Palm Treo 650 and NUTD desk top? I'm not at my computer right now, but think Email 2 on desktop goes to Custom field 2 and URL goes to 3. A couple others don't map anywhere.

Also, if I create a note on my Palm, syncs perfectly on the desktop app, but not the opposite. I get all that "don't change" code. but if I do delete the code and leave the desired text only, it syncs back just fine on my desktop.

The answer on mapping is not nearly as straight forward as your question. There are four pages in the user guide(Take Control of Now Up-to-Date & Contact) devoted to answering it. Pages 213 - 216, under 'Understand Palm Data Mapping'.

You can download a free, PDF version of the manual for Now Up-To-Date and Contact from:


The note issue is a bit simpler. The following is from FAQ #001608


I cannot HotSync the notes from my Now Contact file into the notes field of the contacts on my Palm OS device. How do I get notes from Now Contact onto my Palm OS device?

There is a limit of one note per contact that can be HotSynced from Now Contact to a Palm OS device and must be titled Pilot Note in order for it to HotSync to the Palm.

[Please note: The Comments Field in Now Contact is strictly private and cannot be HotSynced.]
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