We have 4 users sharing our Now Contact ..... 1 of which is a laptop.
All on Macs - OS X
2 Users - Now Contact 5.3.1
2 Users - Now Contact 5.3.0

Every user connects to the server and syncs perfectly fine with it, except the one laptop user.
What I've done:

Created a new NC File (on my desktop mac), made it my primary and imported all of the contacts from a copy of the non-syncing file (from the laptop) into it.
Created 1 individual TEST contact in a shared category
Reconnected the file to the Public Server that we all use and made sure all the categories were checked
Updated connections

Good news:
I was able to view a Test contact that I had created from another computer....so they were syncing

The test contact that I created in the new primary file will not show up on any other computer, even after updating the server

Any ideas? I'm getting desperate....

Many thanks,

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