We are on a network: 3 desktops (G5, G4 and imac G4), 2 mac laptops, 2 palm Treo 700ps. Everything is on Leopard except the imac and the slowest desktop, a G4, which are running 10.4.11. The G4 is also running the NUDC server. We use categories and sets. The Treos are a new addition to our workflow and we're really excited to be taking our calendar, to do lists, etc., with us. Very Happy However, there's a big problem. Whenever we sync, many of the appointments are duplicated on the server calendar (and on the Palm). Crying or Very sad These duplicates come on the server calendar in that person's category color. On the server calendar, it doesn't work to merge or delete duplicates.

What is causing this? How do I fix it? Question Our calendar is way too complex to keep deleting these extra events by hand, and it has absolutely mangled our calendar history.