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In my office, we have 2 computers. One Intel, one power PC both on leopard unfortunately. We downloaded the beta (I'm not sure which version). The Now up to date server is working great but we still don't seem to have the contact server functioning. Has this been addressed? Is it working for others and we need to troubleshoot to fix it on our end? Please advise.

To make sure you have the current beta, you may want to download from:


and reinstall it on the system running Now Server Manager. Make sure the current servers are 'stopped' in Now Server Manager before running the upgrade. And make sure to choose the 'Customize' option so you can upgrade Now Server Manager as well as Now Up-to-Date and Now Contact. Once done, re-start the system, open and unlock Now Server Manager, and turn the servers 'On'.

Make sure Now Server Manager is not set to open at Login as it will often cause problems for the server daemon.
Don Norcross
Technical Support - Now Software Inc