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I'm wondering if there is anyone out there using NUDC on a laptop and sharing to another laptop? We're Mac users and don't have a desktop on which to put the server.

We're not currently networked at all. Could someone shed some light on how to do this to be able to run NUDC to share work calendars and contact info? Could this be done online w/o a server?


Now Server Manager could be installed on either laptop, in order to set up a Public Event Server and/or Public Contact Server through which to share data. In addition, whether it be through AirPort, a hub, or a router, the laptops would need to have some type of local network connection across which the information could pass. The user guide has a chapter devoted to Now Server Manager and setting up a Public Event Server or Public Contact Server. You can download a free, PDF version of the user guide for Now Up-To-Date and Contact from:

Don Norcross
Technical Support - Now Software Inc