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I did not set-up my new Centro correctly (so much for not following directions), so my first sync created a new user name and my oroginal Contact data went into an abyss and was not synced with the Centro. (The Calendar data did sync successfully. Go figure). Anyway, I did a hard reset on the Centro and have synced under my original user name, but the original data was not exchanged, just the data that was created under the new user name.

Is the data associated with my original user name gone or just hiding under another file name? If it's gone, how do I import a saved copy from my back-up external HD?

Many thanks.

The data should still exist in a couple of places on your computer. there should be a viable copy of the information in the backup folder for the contact file(search by it's .bu extension) and there should be a copy in the 'Pre Palm Sync Backups' folder as well. Open either, than save a copy with a new name. Next open that as the primary file(File > Open from Now Contact, make sure to check the 'make this my primary file' box). And then, set the Now Contact Palm conduit to 'overwrite handheld' and sync.
Don Norcross
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