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Here's the layout of my network.

3 Computers using Tiger, one of those is "dialing in" to the server from another city.
2 Computers using Windows, one is inside the building (running XP) and the other is "dialing in" from another city (running Windows 98).

The server database is being hosted by a MAC running 10.3.9

Here's the problem:

The Windows 98 computer can't see any of the notes. All other users can see them. We have tried posting new notes and the WIN 98 computer can't see them. We've tried creating a new data file and reloading all the info on this computer but that didn't work.


1. In the bottom left of the screen where is usually says "Shared Contacts Up to Date" it's telling us it's getting "error - 36 from server".

Any suggestions? Can I provide any needed information to help solve this one?


Having already tried a new contact file, it is likely the issue is with the Now Contact program prefs. Try refreshing them as follows:

For Windows 98
1) Make sure you know where your primary contact file is located, as you will need to re-select it after refreshing the prefs.

2) Quit Now Up-to-Date and Now Contact.

3) Go To:
C:\Windows\Application Data\Now Software

[NOTE: The Application Data folder is hidden. If you can't see it please go into Folder Options in the control panel and set it to show all hidden files.]

4) There you'll find folders named Now Up-to-Date Prefs, Now Contact Prefs, and Nudcw. Delete the Now Contact Prefs folder.

5) Now, Double Click on your original contact file and make it primary. Then link the contact and calendar files together again through Preferences.

6) Try updating.
Don Norcross
Technical Support - Now Software Inc