Bonjour has been a source of frustration for a while.

I thought Bonjour was 'zero config' networking!

On that assumption (and knowing what assumption is the mother of...) I've always expected NUDC to find servers regardless of IP address etc. (I use a Macbook connecting to one server on the same computer, another server on my wife's Powerbook at home and my secretary connects to the server on the MacBook when I'm at work. Bizarrely, my secretary can connect to the server over a network but NUDC on my own machine cannot see the server on the same computer because I'm at a different IP address. NOT zero config)

Is this a bug or a feature? Can I convert these servers to non-Bonjour or do I have to reconstruct a server from my calendar file? If I abandon Bonjour do I have to manually enter the IP address whenever I move?