Problem: Now Contact 5.3.1, Mac, Leopard. File... Print..., get "Error -1"

Refresh Preferences... Support has a document on how to do this, but the basics:
- locate your now contact file
- move ~/Library/Preferences/com.nowsoftware.nowcontact.plist to desktop
- move ~/Library/Preferences/com.poweronsoftware.nowcontact.plist to desktop
- move ~/Library/Preferences/Now Contact Prefs to desktop (it's a folder)
- Launch Now Contact... File... Open... as primary file... (your contact file)

Now try to print
- Get some contacts in a list
- File... Print... (various choices, labels)... the field "Number of each label" needs a number or else you'll have the "ERROR -1" again. Put "1" in that field. With this I was able to print labels again.

- If all is well, trash the items you moved to the desktop

Support on the phone was very helpful to another guy who had the same problem. Cudos to them...