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Can a _contact_ become corrupted?

I have one contact (I hope only one, at least!) to which I cannot always add notes. Frequently when I do an error appears:

"The command cannot be completed because an unexpected error occurred."

I also can't delete notes that are attached to this contact.

One option I haven't explored would be to rebuild the contact and add the notes all over again. I haven't taken the time to see whether this would solve the problem.

Does anyone have another suggestion? Thanks for your help.

It is possible for an individual contact to have corruption that would cause exactly this type of problem.

If all your data is in the local file(not from a Public Contact Server) create a new(empty) contact file(do not make it the primary file).

Then drag the problem contact from the old file to the new one(It will copy all your notes this way).

Next, delete the contact from the old file and drag it back in from the new file.

This will cause links to be broken, but they can be re-created or repaired and this will allow you to work with the contact's notes again.
Don Norcross
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