I opened a support ticket (Ticket 3952) with Now Software three weeks ago today. The support system promises a response within 1 or 2 days of creating the ticket. I have since logged back into the system to see that the ticket was assigned to a person - David - and updated the ticket with some clarifying information.

I have received no response from Now Software. I have attempted to phone customer support, technical support and even Sales. I have been unable to reach a human in any of these departments.

I just now found these community forums. I can see many complaints regarding lack of response from Now Software.

Unfortunately I do not have any great ideas on how to proceed. At this point we are pretty much crippled in terms of communications within the sales team regarding client activity. Everyone is working on separate copies of their Now Contact/Up To Date data files. I am unable to get them to reconnect to the server to update each other's changes. In addition, the keywords appear to be missing (these are managed at the server as well). I am very concerned that data may be lost in this process.

If we do not receive a response from Now Software, we will be forced to either: redo the databases as we have done previously (attempting to merge the separate copies into one version and reloading the server from zero), or move to some other product.

I posted this message here hoping that it might generate some response from tech support. After all these years, I don't want to leave Now products, however, we cannot function as is and have no solution to our problem.