Somewhere along the way I must have updated my software, now I can't use isync with my Palm and Now Up-to-Date.

I want to use the Mac's Address for my contacts and Up-to-date for my calendar, all syncing with my Palm. iSync will not let me use my Palm if Up-to-date conduit is in the active conduit folder, it insists on removing it. I have gone into iSync and told it to enable Palm syncing, then deselected calendar sync. Then I went back to the conduits folder and moved the Now up-to-date conduit back into the active folder.

iSync then refuses to do anything until it moves the up-to-date conduit to the disabled folder.

This used to work, I presume some update ago. Now I have the choice of either using both ical and address with the Palm or using up-to-date and not Apples Address book.

Is there away around this?

mac OS X 10.4.9, Now up-to-date 5.3.1, iSync 2.4, Palm desktop 4.2.1, Hotsync manager 3.2, Apple conduit 3.02