I have not seen this issue posted anywhere. I have a client who uses multiple calendar files. He has one of the calendars as his primary file. Since Leopard, every time he opens any calendar file it asks whether he wants to make it the primary file. I have gone through and checked the "Don't Ask Again" box on each file that he opens, and specified YES to the one that should be primary and NO to the others. Yet, every time he opens any of the files it asks whether to make it the primary file. This is mostly only an annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless. I tried it on his computer logged in as a different user, and on another Mac that also has Leopard installed and I get the same result. So apparently it is a Leopard thing (it would seem?). I have not yet installed the 5.3.2 Beta, as he doesn't use the Quick Menu feature, but I don't see this listed as a reported bug, nor do I see it listed as one of the fixes in 5.3.2.

Am I barking up the wrong tree here in thinking this is Leopard related?