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We've always had issues with creating duplicate and unwanted databases on Now Contact. Eventually people are sync-ing up to different servers and updating the wrong databases. For example a few of our computers have 2 or 3 contact servers that can be updated when there should only be one. We end up solving the problem by doing a complete purge and reinstalling the software. This takes a lot of time and resources and we think that we could avoid the issue if we knew why these extra databases/servers get created.

Any insight?

When you refer to 'databases', are you talking about the Public Event Server and Public Contact Server server databases that appear in Now Server Manager, the local data files that are on each user's machine, or the server connections that allow the local files to connect to the server databases?

Both the servers in Now Server Manager, and the local files are designed to create backups. The server database backups have a .bu extension and do not appear in Now Server Manager, are nor running, and can not be connected to unless imported as a running server. The local file backups only appear in the backup folder, which is in the same location as the data file and has a similar name, but with a .bu extension as well. The backup files have 01-05 extensions.

It sounds like someone is creating multiple server connections in the local files, rather than additional servers in Now Server Manager, but either requires user intervention.
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