I've been using this work-around for a while, and it is pretty good, but I still can't get the "Description" field to flow through. It definitely imports into Palm, but there is something about the vCal format, or iCal import format that loses this field.

So, my current workaround is to include Description along with the Title field in the NUTD export (as in Title:Description). Thus I have all the info on my iPhone, but it makes the calendar display terribly cluttered.

I'd be interested if anyone else has found a way around this. Basically, I'm trying to get Description field from NUTD to end up in the "Notes" field of iCal (via Palm vCal import/export process noted above).

Of course, you also lose all the Category & Type differentiation once you get the data into iCal as well...Unless you do a separate export/import process for each category into a separate iCal calendar...

One final note: The first thing I do each time in this process, is delete the actual Calendar in iCal (in which all the imported info resides). Then, I create a new calendar (with the same name) that is empty and ready to import the fresh info coming from NUTD/Palm. Otherwise, you'll have a new set of duplicates every time you do this process. (Also, this means you are always over-writing this specific calendar from computer to iPhone, so it is one-way only.) And, I always start with a new "Untitled" file in Palm, so there is no duplication there as well.