I see there's a long and growing note on Leopard, but let's start something more specific for the servers. Someone commented that the basic apps seemed to work; but that doesn't help much since I depend on a server shared by several systems.

I've got Leopard; NOW 3.5.1 server doesn't seem to work at all. There was a suggestion of this in a previous response -- but has anyone at NOW had a chance to look at this? With no prospect of Nighthawk calendars for a long time yet, we'll be in pretty serious trouble.

When I bring up the NOW Server Manager, it shows both event and contact servers "down" or "stopped" with -3180 status and "Cannot load server" for "address". Then I get a crash dialog for eventserver, with, rather oddly, a SIGTRAP in CFRunLoopRunSpecific (+ 1833).

aluminum iMac 20", 2.4Ghz
Mac OS X 10.5 with login/keychain update.