go here: http://www.wbwip.com/wbw/emailencoder.html<br>"This JavaScript program enables you to encode your e-mail address with Character Entities, a hexadecimal code to produce the 256 ISO characters. Simply enter your regular e-mail address in the first text form, click the encode button, and then highlight and copy the resulting code produced in the second text form. This coded e-mail address can be read with almost any browser and doesn't require any JavaScript or Java. Just replace all instances of your e-mail address on your pages with the code, and you won't have to worry about spam lists."<br><br>further: http://www.creativesconnect.com/stuff/ascii to entity.run.sit.hqx it's an AppleScript that will encode any text from ASCII to entities... quoth the fine folk at creativesconnect.com: "We've used the script for some time for other purposes, I just made some minor adjustments to cope specifically with email addresses. Should run on MacOS 9.x, may run on 8.x." <br><br><br><br>