When I try to use the Entourage import function to import data from Now Contact or Now Up-to-Date 5.2, I get an error message that says 'Import from Now Contact could not be completed because a necessary file "Now Contact" could not be found.' This is a very odd message for such a relatively simple function (finding the NOW databases). There is no option given by Entourage to manually search for the NOW database files. I have searched multiple Microsoft/Entourage forums, and many other people report the same issue. Many workarounds have been suggested ( open Now Contact, close Now contact, move the NOW files to a higher level folder, etc) but no one seems to have a fix. Others say that they were successful importing from older versions of NOW software but can't anymore. I COULD export from NOW, but I am concerned that the there would be many mistakes in trying to make sure that the fields mapped properly, so I don't want to. Any help out there on this one?