I kind of like that idea. That might have less problems.

But no, that's not really the situation. Each person might have personal contacts, but that is outside of the scope of the server categories. Here's the full description. We have three categories on the server, Shared, Key, and Invalid.

Anyway, here's what my computer says:
Shared: 6870 of 8240 contacts
Key: 567 of 8240 contacts
Invalid: 802
1 personal contact

next computer over:
Shared: 7049 of 8459 Contacts
Key: 601 of 8459 Contacts
Invalid: 805
4 personal contacts

Both say Shared contacts up to date and seem to work fine. Like I will add a weird name, make sure both computers sync contacts, then look it up on the 2nd computer and that name will be there. Where are my missing contacts? I'm missing 216 or so contacts, or she has 216 too many. Is there a way to figure this out or force all of the computers to sync up? I don't use my copy of Now Contact much since I am the tech guy, so mine is probably the farthest off. Most people seem to be within +- 20 or so contacts most of the time.

Thanks, Ian