I use NUDC at home and at work. I'm running a MacBook Pro that has my calendar AND public event server on it.
My PES was set up at home and in NUD the server that's added has my home (internal) IP address. My wife's Mac syncs fine with this.
At work I can connect to either of two intranets, both with different IP addresses. If I launch the PES at work (on either network) NUD can't find it because it now has my work IP address. If I use the network on which my secretary's computer sits, then her computer can see the server (confirmed by checking current users in the PES). If I add another server in NUD then I get duplicates of all the events in my calendar. I can wait to get home to have the server be recognised and update my events but that's not really the point of having 5 minutely updates from my secretary's computer at work.
Once upon a time I thought that NUD used Bonjour to find the server and changed the IP address as necessary depending on location, but it doesn't seem to do this any more. I don't want multiple versions of my public event server because I want all the events in one place and in the end there IS only one server.
Is there any solution to this?
BTW I could set up my PES on a Mac Mini at home and do all the networking to that one computer but I would still need to be able to access the mac Mini from within my home network AND from outside and do the port forwarding to allow it to work behind my router, so on that basis I would still need two PES.

This seems to be a bit of a mess, and I don't understand why the same PES it treated as a completely different one when the computer is at a different IP address. What's the point?
Hope you can help

PS I tried to raise this as a support request but by the time I finished typing it and submitted it I got a screen telling me my session had timed out and I had to login again. Luckily I'd copied the text before I hit 'submit'