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Select the contacts you want to email, go to the Actions item in the toolbar, and select "Email". That will address an email to all the selected contacts (though it will be a single email with all the addresses, not individual emails; I'm not sure exactly what you need). Regards.

Selecting "email" does not work with my system default email which gmail. Gmail runs and a window does appear, but the address is set to (null). It makes no difference whether I select one contact or many contacts. However, if I bring up a contact info window and click on the email icon, then gmail is run with the correct email address. It appears that part of your software works while the other part does not. To me this sounds like defect.

I am currently running a trial 5.3.1, and I am thinking about upgrading to this newer version to do mass mailing and emailing. Neither parts of the code seem to be working properly. Not only can I not do group emails, but 5.3.1 does not work with my Dymo label printer either. 5.3.1 does support Dymo because "Dymo shipping label 30256.lbl" is in the list of labels in the "Define Print Template" dialog box. Unfortunately, the label is scrolled out of the printer with nothing on it. Another defect? Crying or Very sad

Perhaps I need to find a different solution because you have informed me that no more work will be done on the 5.x.x branch.