I'm having significant problems with syncing. I originally created my Now Contact file from my Address Book file, but changes had since been made to both of them, so I synced them. Random contacts were deleted on both sides. Luckily, I was able recreate them (154 out of almost 900 are for a mailing list that I run, and I thoughtfully had kept all of the subscribe e-mails, and I hadn't recently synced my Treo, so other missing contacts were on there). After several rounds of this, I finally got the two files to the point where they had the same number of contacts and nothing was missing.

Then, I went to sync my Treo 600p (through Missing Sync). I decided it would be best to overwrite the Treo, but the sync kept failing. I found a suggestion to export the Now Contact file as text and reimport it, in case there was some corruption, and delete the Now Contact sync file from the Palm:User directory, and then overwrite. That worked.

Then, I spent a good amount of time cleaning up contacts. For one thing, some phone numbers had ended up in the "Other" field, which the Treo doesn't like.

To finish up the project, I figured that I would sync again with Address Book. Big mistake. Now Contact deleted over 500 contacts, and Address Book added over 1000 and deleted several hundred. I assume it got confused because of the export/import process or something. Luckily, I'd saved a copy of both files (unfortunately, from before I'd done all the cleaning up), so I reverted back to them. But now things aren't able to be synced. I can't believe that the program allows such wholesale changes without giving the user the chance to review them and approve or disapprove.

Is there any solution to this? I need to keep Address Book updated because I use a number of programs that utilize its database, but I also need to use Now Contact because my husband and I share Now Contact and Now Up-to-Date over a server.