I am looking to see if anyone else has found a solution for the following problem:

There will be times that a meeting is deleted from the server, however, the room previously assigned to the meeting is not "released" also. Then when you try to schedule another meeting in the same location, it tells you that there is a conflict and that you have to discard (or save as unreconciled) the event. By using the proxy system, I can view everything that is taking place in that conference room, and there are no events listed during that time.

This has happened a number of times. Sometimes if another user places the new meeting, then the problem is solved. However, sometimes I have to wipe the entire conference room and rebuild the meetings that are using that asset.

We are in a mixed environment with the server being handled by a Win2k3 machine. The PC users are running NUTD4 and the Mac machines are mostly running NUTD5.