Also, where are the .plist files - for the Servers

I deleted my servers and then created new ones - a Contact and an Event Server. The names were Shores Contact Server and Shores Event Server. There have been no connections to to them, but I did have them "running" with the check box checked and the Status was "running".

After about an hour, I an ready to import my exported contact info into a new contact file on another machine. So, I created a new contact file on the non-server mac and started to set up the server connections so that as I imported the contact info, I could move them to the server. Well, Bonjour couldn't find it. I so put in the IP and name and it couldn't find it. So I checked the server and my contact server had an error -32784 (?) and the name was now Shores Event Server (same as the event server).

So, what's the best course of action?