Good Morning. :-)
I like to use my first post to submit a question about a very disturbing and ugly problem.
Please overlook my bad english. :-)

"Now up to Date and Contact" runs on two machines, one of them also works as server. Both Macs are running OS X 10.4.10.
The problem that occurs from time to time since last week is that I sometimes get the error message "There is a problem with this Contact's notes, events and documents. They have been deleted". Then the contact opens without the listing items ... the complete "history" is empty.
The missing items still apppear in the Calender module on the right time and date and ther's also a linked contact. But when i click onto it, instead of the "normal" contact window, just a window titled "quick contact" opens with some basic information. This problem occurs at about 30 percent of all contacts.

Some weeks ago I already posted this problem to the Support and got a manual fix (delete .plist files and restart the software). That worked for about two weeks, but after that this ugly problem preseted itself again.

Does anyone here have this error two? Or does someone know how to fix it??

kind regards