We are Realtors and use NC and NUTD in several locations. They all talk to our NC/NUTD server which is running the 5.3 version of the Server software.
Shared keywords have been very erratic in their propagation across the different users. We frequently have different counts for "Show by Keyword" and then have to tediously attempt to find which ones are missing from this workstation or that one.
Requests for TS have been inconclusive... your file must be corrupt (not. problem is not fixed by setting up a new file at the workstation)
The other night I pulled up a shared keyword list on my workstation and got the 35 names I expected.
Tried from the macBookPro and no names but the keyword was in the list. So I opened and made primary a new NC file... the keyword went away!
Is anyone having consistent reliable results with shared keywords or is it a goal instead of a feature.
Any suggestions as to what we might be doing wrong?
We have a mixture of 4.3 and 5.3.1 depending on workstations (which run from G3 iMacs to G4 eMacs to intel chipped lapptops and minis.
We could use some help here