Hi all -

With the delay of the full NightHawk package until sometime in Winter 2008 (if things go according to the new plan), I find myself in the unpleasant position of not being able to fulfill promises I'd made to users and clients at my company about what we'd be able to do by mid 2007.

The number 1 problem for us is the lack of a way to sync with anything but Treo smartphones. My needs are (seemingly) dead simple - I need to be able to sync events and contacts to at least a couple of other phones - Symbian, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.

The simplest approach seems to be for NUD/C to have an export profile which generated an iCal readable file (iCal or vCal formats), and something that Address Book can read for contacts. I could then have automator do the export/import on a schedule, and sync via iSync, then do the reverse to get data off the handheld. Painful and slow, but functional.

However, I haven't yet found a way to get NUD to generate an export that can be read by iCal - any input much appreciated!

Scouring the web, the only suggestion I've found that makes any sense is to sync via a Palm handheld, which is capable of syncing with both NUD/C and iCal/Address Book, via their respective conduits. In theory, you could 'simply' do paired syncs - NUD/C->Palm, Palm->iCal, iCal->iPhone, for example, or the reverse when you've got data on your handheld.

However, iSync insists that it needs to disable the NUD/C conduits to enable its Palm Conduit. What you'd want would be for the right conduit to be in place, depending on which direction you were moving data...

I'm willing to do quite a bit to have even minimal ability to sync our office events and contacts to various handhelds, but I've only managed to hold off people who were insisting that we had to have this ability by telling them that we'd be able to do it by mid-2007 with NightHawk.

I really need some kind of work-around before I can tell people that we won't have the 'real thing' until Winter 2008, or there will be immense pressure to switch to a contact manager that can work at least minimally with a variety of handhelds.

Any advice or help MUCH appreciated.