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I'm another one in this camp - I'm happy with my Treo and the smooth sync of NUTD/C. I'd really like to move to the iPhone, but can't have it be a pain to keep sync'd with my home and office calendars, which are all on NUTD.

I have never had a smoth sync. Could anyone point me in the right direction, for a manual or instructions on syncing a Treo 650. I plan to switch to iPhone but I am waiting a bit before switching. A bit = about one year.

The problem is that the Hotsync software by palm is buggy at best, broken at worst. You can increase your chances of getting a good sync by following a few rules

ALWAYS make sure that your calendar is designated as your Primary calendar. You do this by using the open command and checking the box Make this My Primary Calendar

1) The first sync for a device should always be an overwrite and be done with the connection cable. The cable is faster than bluetooth so if you are moving a huge amount data this makes it faster and less chance of timing out.

2) After the first sync, then you can switch to Synchronize and use bluetooth.

3) Do not sync media, pictures and videos are large, I usually set the treo to overwrite the mac, and once I sync the files, move them to another area of my HD. Once I sync the media I then turn the conduit to Do Nothing and make it the default. If I take more pictures with the palm, then I go back into hotsync, switch it to overwrite mac, and then it does the overwrite operation on the next sync and switches back to Do Nothing on its own.

4) If you are in a large installation (I have 45 users, 6000+ contacts, and 50+ Calendar Categories, then be selective about what you sync. My CEO used to sync EVERYTHING. I finally convinced him that he didn't need to sync our complete vendor list, or the mailing list categories. The checkbox Sync all items that block my time or something to that effect and deselect all public categories that you don't need. Face it you don't need to Ned's calendar, who is in sales, then check him off. The rule less is better is a rule of thumb for palm syncing.

Finally, before you sync... back up your Now contact and up to date files using the export command, better to be safe than sorry.

Finally realize that bluetooth syncing is hit or miss... you will sometimes get messages that the bluetooth port is in use. I have found out that usually means the bluetooth on the palm has been turned off. Turn it off, and back on. If you get the error again, then reset the palm (soft reset usually works) and if that doesn't work then restart the mac.

What really gets my goat is the fact that palm was started by Ex-Apple employees. I wish they would remember their roots and actually design a sync software that is worthy of the Mac.