Hi John,

I'll toss my 2 cents into the pot. I've been using an iPhone for 3 days now, and I'm in. Full on! Goodbye Treo... After 4 years of waiting for Palm to upgrade the hardware in the treo, I was sad to see it go, but my new buzz light year, is amazing. Yes, it has bugs, but I like to live on the edge!

On a work related note, I manager all the IT in our firm. So, no other coaches on our team will be switching to iPhone until I say.

We are in the middle of a big question. Last year, we switched from Now Contact to Daylite. The CRM functionality is amazing. but their calendar is limited so we are still on Now up to date. We are at a turning point. I'll wait until Night Hawk comes out before making a decision to see how it connects with contacts and what other CRM features it brings. Also, will it sync with iPhone. I do have a thought. Lets say Apple does not want to play with others with iPhone. Surprise surprise.... my current work around is to turn on the web publishing. It works for us. (There are 2 other coaches who speak geek like me and I allowed to buy iPhones) We have been viewing our calendars using iPhones safari. you see, in our enviornment, our admins actually make changes in our calendars, and we just view them. So this solution works but it's not great. So, lets say Apple does not want to play, perhaps you could customize a web publishable version, like a template of the calendar to fit the iPhone screen.

Just a thought. Of course, a real widget would be great, but even the Apple download every time you use it version could be a nice temporary fix.

I hope this insight is useful! Warm regards,
PS: Or... make it a snap to sync with iCal.... For instance, if iCal could read the Now Server, that should do the trick. Yes, I know iCal is not your baby, but I'm just throwing it out there...
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